All products are hand-knitted and carefully crafted. Çanta began as a project that was primarily dedicated to creating hand-knitted bags. Within 6 months, it expanded to include other hand-knitted garments such as dresses, turtlenecks, hats and shawls.

Çanta directly draws inspiration from the streets, lifestyle, people and products from Shkodër, Albania where the creator of Çanta originates from. Future products will be created through the use of traditional knitting techniques. These future products will represent the customs and traditions of the different communities in the surrounding areas of Shkodër.

Currently, products are created in the city of Montreal, known as Tiohtiá:ke. Çanta acknowledges that this unceded land has long been a site of meeting and exchange amongst diverse Indigenous peoples.

Portrait: Fatine-Violets Sabiri
Website: Oldri Kecaj
Lookbook - fotos: Loris Kecaj

Every bag is different and will include a blend of acrylic, wool, nylon, & polyester yarn

Do Not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean
Do Not Iron
Gently Wash by hand using detergent in cold water
Let Air dry

Made to order:
To place an order for a product from the catalogue or to request an order for a commision,
email or DM @c_a_n_t_a on Instagram. Allow between 2-3 weeks for
production time. Once the product has been completed, you will be notified via email or DM.

Orders ship from Monday to Friday. Orders that are placed on holidays or weekends will be
processed the following business day.

Shipping price is not included. All products will be shipped via Canada Post as standard shipping
unless requested otherwise. If you prefer another means of shipping, do not hesitate to place a request
for an alternative shipping method.

If you live in Montreal, you have the option to pick up products in person. Send an email to have this arranged.

If there are any flaws in your product due to poor workmanship, do not hesitate to send an email.
The product can be returned within 45 days and you will receive your money back. You have the option to
select a different product for an exchange. Or, if you would like your product returned back to you
once the flaw has been fixed, it can be shipped back to you. Shipping fees are paid for by the consumer.