Çanta is an ode to Albania and directly draws inspiration from the streets, lifestyle, people and products from Shkodër, where the creator of Çanta originates from. 

Çanta in Albanian means "bags". It began as a project that was primarily dedicated to the concept of solely creating hand-knitted bags. Soon after, it expanded to include other hand-knitted garments such as dresses, turtlenecks, hats, shawls and products such as pillows. Other projects have included limited-stock bags made using dead-stock leather with a knitted strap.

All products are carefully crafted using a variety of knitting techniques. Each bag is hand-knitted using ethically sourced yarn and includes a hand-sewn inner lining. 

Currently, products are created in the city of Montreal, known as Tiohtiá:ke. Çanta acknowledges that this unceded land has long been a site of meeting and exchange amongst diverse Indigenous peoples.